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Arduino Projects

Arduino Projects

Arduino has been a revolution ever since it struck the market. Arduino or Genuino (as known in some places), has been a very lucrative option for students designing their first projects. This increase in interest is causing a lot of people to tinker with technology themselves. We have a list of Arduino projects that would be cool to design. If you have an Arduino lying around or are planning to buy one, these should come in handy. All you need is an Arduino board and some basic electronics supplies.

Arduino Projects

Fires are one of the most widespread cause of deaths by accident. Instant alerting to the fire department is necessary to ensure immediate action. Every minute can save many lives in such situations. So here we propose an IOT based automatic fire department alerting system that instantly and automatically alerts the fire department and informs about the situation so that immediate action can be taken. The system uses Fire sensor along with PIR sensor to efficiently detect fires and alert fire department over IOT. We use an arduino uno in order to check if a sensor is triggered. Then it reconfirms if it really is a fire outbreak using temperature sensors in order to confirm of fire outbreak. The system now uses a wifi connection to access IOT server and transmit data about this incident over internet. We here use IOTGecko platform to develop the web based IOT interface. As soon as IOTGecko system receives the sensor data it checks the device id data was sent from and displays device id(which will be named after area/flat id). The system now displays the fire incident with alarm buzzer in the fire department over internet so that the fire department personnel are alerted about the incident to take necessary action.

Managing multiple toll booths is a very complicated task. We here propose a smart card based toll booth system that is monitored over IOT. The Internet server maintains all the data of user accounts and also their balance. All vehicle owners would possess an RFID based card that stores their account number. Our system at toll booths will monitor the cards scanned when a car arrives at the toll booth. The system now connects to the online server to check if the card is valid and if valid what is the balance. If user balance is sufficient, the user balance is deducted online and web system sends signal back to the card scanner system that the user has been billed. On receiving this signal the system operates a motor to open the toll gate for that car. The system is controlled by a microcontroller to achieve this purpose. The microcontroller uses Wi-Fi connection to connect to the internet through which system interacts with web server to perform the online verification process. Also system allows to store data of all the vehicles passed at particular time intervals for later reference and surveillance. This system thus automates the entire toll booth collection and monitoring process with ease using RFID plus IOT based system.

Robotic vehicle controlled by the hand movement mainly benefits the disabled person, as those person with the hand gesture moves to the direction they want to go without pressing any buttons. This system includes a glove which has a receiver circuit which will be mounted on the top with Atmega microcontroller interfaced to the accelerometer and it is supposed to be worn by the user while using this machine. The circuit on the vehicle includes FR receiver, ARDUINO microcontroller and Driver IC to operate the motors. The commands that are received by the IC on the circuit are sent to the RF transmitter which forwards the command to the RF receiver. The command from RF receiver then gets trasmitted to the ARDUINO microcontroller which decodes the command and makes the vehicle move in the direction specified by the user.

The designed project measures different solar cell parameters like light intensity, voltage, current and temperature by using multiple sensor data acquisition. The project uses a solar panel to monitor sunlight and Arduino board which has ATmega family microcontroller attached to it. The project requires an LDR sensor for measuring light intensity, a voltage divider to measure voltage and a temperature sensor to measure the temperature. These measurements are then displayed by the microcontroller to a LCD screen. Thus this system allows user to effectively monitor solar parameters using this system.
Here we have come with the system which will not only help the army. The system can communicate over the long range around 100meter system will help the solder to set the target point once point is send to the slave the machine will work according to that and will fire the bomb at the enemy and allow the solder to stay hide and protected

Specially designed for chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, microbiological and medical applications such as growing microorganisms, dissolving nutrients and solids and preventing suspended matter from settling during titration. VELP Scientifica’s magnetic stirrers offer solutions for diversified laboratory applications and the highest safety standards available on the market, with sample volumes ranging from 250 ml to 25 liters. A method for aerating wine comprises the steps of pouring wine into a container, placing the container on top of a stir plate, placing a stir bar inside the container, and changing a magnetic field within the stir plate so as to cause the stir bar to rotate within the container. The method may be used with either a flat bottomed bottle or decanter. In a preferred method, the stir plate is provided with a rotatable magnetic arm and a variable speed controller for controlling the speed at which the rotatable arm rotates.

In vehicle security system, the objective is to prevent the theft of vehicle and ensure safe driving. One level of ensuring authentication of driving is through finger print recognition system that authenticates a user being an authorized person to have access to the ignition system. In this work we propose a multi-level authentication for vehicles. In this system, the finger print image of the eligible driver will be programmed into a smart card and this card along with real time finger print scanner is employed to authenticate the driver. If there is no match between the image stored in smart card and the real time image acquired by finger print scanner vehicles ignition system will stay in OFF state. While issuing the license, the specific person’s fingerprint is to be stored in the card. Automobiles are equipped with a card reader capable of reading the particular license. The same vehicle should have the facility of biometric reader device.

This project is developed by microcontroller for Anti-Theft Control System for Automobiles, Microcontroller Development Board and relay switching circuit to design a electronic fuel pump controller for pumping fuel to the engine of vehicle .The main objective of this project is for automobiles that tries to prevent the theft of a vehicle. We present a novel anti-theft control system for automobiles that tries to prevent the theft of a vehicle. This system makes use of an embedded chip that has an opto slot sensor or, which senses the key during insertion. This is followed by the system present in the car asking the user to enter a unique password through Fingerprint Scanner. The password consists of a finger print. If the user fails to enter the correct password, The message is also sent to the owner about the unauthorized usage. Further the fuel injector of the car is deactivated so that the user cannot start the car by any means. This technique helps in taking fast steps towards an attempt to steal .The design is robust and simple

In this project we present how to detect the leakage using a gas sensor and book a new cylinder automatically by sending a message to agency. The gas sensor is very sensitive to methane and propane which are main constituents of LPG. A load cell is used to measure the weight of cylinder continuously. The weight of cylinder is displayed continuously MQ-6 sensors will be placed in different place of room, output of sensor will become high when there is LPG leakage is present. When the sensor output is high buzzer will be switched on and a message will be sent to customer and nearest gas agency via GSM. When the weight of cylinder equal to threshold value a message will be sent to agency to book new cylinder. At the gas agency we will provide a pc software which will automatically enter the gas no and will provide the details of delivery to the customer
This project present design and implement wireless biomedical parameters monitoring system based on different biomedical sensors and microcontroller unit Arduino MEGA with GSM .The system can be used to measure physiological parameters, such as heart beat, Temperature of a human subject. Using several sensors to measure different vital signs, the person is wirelessly monitored within his own home. There are number of techniques available for the ICU patient’s health monitoring system with wired communication technology. In the novel system the patient health is continuously monitored using wireless sensor networks and the acquired data is transmitted to a microcontroller unit Arduino MEGA and then to GSM. At the receiver side the data is collected with GSM and Arduino and displayed on relevant displays. The device is battery powered for used outdoors.