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Nashik projects- Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Construction engineering involves planning and execution, transportation of materials, site development based on hydraulic,environmental, structural and geo technical engineering. As construction firms tend to have higher business risk than other types of civil engineering firms do, construction engineers often engage in more business-like transactions, for example,drafting and reviewing contracts, evaluating logistical operations, and monitoring prices of supplies.

Civil Engineering Projects

Abstract:- The Three Gorges Dam (TGD) and associated infrastructure is the largest integrated water project built in the history of the world. It has also been one of the most controversial due to its massive environmental, economic, and social impacts. The very first volume of The World’s Water, published more than a decade ago, reviewed the plans underway at that time to build the Three Gorges Dam, along with many of the expected benefits and costs (Gleick 1998). 

Abstract:- The system will use the following things function in the apartment the system the system will use solar panel for the water heating then system will use the solar panel for energy generation the system will also collect the rain water and will filter and reuse it the system will also monitor the present light state and will turn on and of the light. the system will give the option to collect the garbage separate such as dry garbage and wet garbage 

Building the case for flood defences Extreme global flooding events are occurring with increasing frequency, affecting both the developed and the developing world with catastrophic results. A confluence of contributory factors, including but not limited to climate change, increasing global population and settlement in vulnerable areas, urbanisation and deforestation, is having a profound effect on communities worldwide. Climate change in particular has resulted in an increased severity and intensity of rainfall. 

A swing span bridge rotates in a horizontal plane around a vertical axis to a position parallel with the marine channel. When in operation, the movable span is supported in one of two methods; centre bearing on a vertical pin or pivot, or rim bearing on a circular girder called a drum, which in turning moves on rollers. The rim bearing design was used for wider and heavier movable spans. All Delaware examples are the lighter and more easily designed, operated, and maintained center bearing design.

Abstract This article describes a transformation occurring within the architectural /engineering spheres of the building construction industry that allowed this small, but technically challenging project to achieve success on a minimal budget. With the advent of building information modeling (BIM) and increasing demand by clients for high performance structures, a bridge is being forged between the realms of energy modeling and architectural building Modeling. 

The system will use the following things function in the apartment the system the system will use solar panel for the water heating then system will use the solar panel for energy generation the system will also collect the rain water and will filter and reuse it the system will also monitor the present light state and will turn on and of the light. the system will give the option to collect the garbage separate such as dry garbage and wet garbage 



Building information modeling (BIM) provides architectural 3D visualizationand a standardized way to share and exchange building information. Recently, there has beenan increasing interest in using BIM, not only for design and construction, but also thepost-construction management of the built facility. With the emergence of smart builtenvironment (SBE) technology, which embeds most spaces with smart objects to enhancethe building’s efficiency, security and comfort of its occupants, there is a need to understandand address the challenges BIM faces in the design, construction and management of future smart buildings. 

As the growth of city is growing so rapidly, village area is reducing day by day. As it is rapidly developing the construction in the city is very costly. Economic point of view if the building is constructed at a far distance from the city it will be cheaper and residents can live peaceful without any external polluted sources. Having peaceful surroundings is the main point of view of most of the people in today’s lifestyle.

Everyone is talking about biogas - politicians and ecologists, technicians and economists, laymenand experts. Biogas has become fashionable. The energy crisis of the next few years is the shortage of fuel for the daily needs of millions ofpeople. Simple biogas plants are intended to help solve this problem. It is time to set about this taskin a "professional" manner in the best sense of this word.Simple biogas plants are complicated enough to require total involvement with their specifictechnology. After all, a biogas plant can only help to solve the problems of the future if it works! Butmany plants work badly. They are operated wrongly, are deficient in detail and are often incorrectlyscaled.

Here we have designing the building which will be smart Vegetated Roof Systems (aka: green roofs) are used extensively in Europe to manage storm water, reduce energy consumption, and for aesthetic appeal. Theyare gaining popularity in the United States especially in larger cities that arerequired to meet stringent requirements to manage storm water. Green roofs canbe installed on new construction or retrofits to existing buildings as long as thefacility has the necessary structural integrity (check with a structural engineer).

The lack of capacity at airports is the major constraint to growth in air transport. Current technology projects optimize the use of the available airport capacity, but unless a structural new approach is followed, the expected three-fold increase in air traffic is not realistic to achieve. Physical constraints on runway operations, like wake vortex separation minima and cross- and tailwind limits, make it hard to improve performance of conventional airport configurations further.The Endless Runway is a radical and novel airport concept, which applies a circular runway. The concept of the Endless Runway can generate a breakthrough in sustainable airport capacity by avoiding the physical constraints of conventional runways through shifting the lift-off and touchdown points of individual aircraft.

In recent years, various rotating buildings such as residential buildings,restaurants and pubs have been designed and constructed. Most of these rotating buildings do not possess passive solar design features or they cannot respond passivesolar design principles entirely because the primary design purpose of these rotatingbuildings is to make all spaces view the landscape as required.Passive solar design is the optimum utilization of architectural peculiarities of abuilding and appropriate material selection for improving energy efficiency of abuilding in heating, cooling and natural lighting. While projecting a passive solarbuilding, different factors including building orientation, latitude of the location andclimatic properties must be taken into consideration.Although passive solar buildings are superior to conventional buildings in termsof various aspects, they have some deficiencies as well.

Every water reservoir must be ready to the control of catastrophic flood. The most dangerous situations can be on the catchments where torrential rains can have significant duration and intensity. Lead time of runoff forecast for dangerous flood depended on increase of rainfall intensity and time concentration maximum water discharge on the catchment. Some water reservoirs have enough significant catchments and sometimes the time concentration is more 5 days. Then we are obtaining possibility to use data of meteorological stations how predictors of floods. For example, catchment of Krasnodar water reservoir has large catchment and is located on the North Caucasus territory. Its climate is characterized by not-periodical storm rainfalls (sometimes after long drought). Consequently the main aim of the research was development of rules for water reservoir operation during floods in dependent on data of meteorological stations about precipitation.

The proposed system uses the train time for opening and closing of bridges. It also confirms the presence of the train using a sensor which is placed at a certain distance away from the platform. The RUNE technical solution is based on GNSS receivers: navigation data will come from GPS with differential EGNOS corrections (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) to enable autonomous and reliable determination of train position, velocity under practically all environmental conditions. While persons try to cross platform by avoiding the over bridge there is chance for the accidents. This can be avoided by using this technique and very helpful for disabled person.

In the last 40 years a number of serious fire accidents have occurred in metro systemsaround the world. A total of 289 people were killed and 265 severely injured in an accidentalfire in the subway of Baku, the capitol of Azerbaijan, 28th of October 1995 (Rohlén andWahlström, 1996). Similarly, some 198 people were killed and 146 injured in the Daegu subwayarson attack of February 18, 2003 (Burns and Gillard, 2003). Two of these fires havecaught the focus of this project, namely the effects of the luggage on the fire development.The fires in the Bakus metro in 1995, and the Kaprun mountain railway tunnel in 2000, showthat abandoned clothing and baggage can play an important part in the progress of the fire.Risks for terror attacks have been existing for a long time. Moreover, and particularly sincethe 1990s, experiences from among others, the IRA Underground attacks in London.

The process of water purification is vital in many manufacturing and process industries. Besides this, numerous household water purifiers are now easily commercially available. The industrial water purification is different from the household water purification from the fact that, at industrial level water is not only purified but also it is implemented for further application or as a final product in which the purified water is filled into bottles.

 It has been noted that the underwater buildings exist since year 1960 but noone was aware of it. The underwater construction of the buildings can be advantageousto the people and the environment if proper techniques are used and if people get successin achieving such structures. If such technology is adapted everything can be builtunderwater such as buildings, houses, shopping complex, museums, entertainment hub,restaurants, hotels, sports stadiums etc. This can lead to a progressive and a luxurious lifeto the people and they can even enjoy their holidays at such places. Encouragement ofunderwater building is provided by the glamorous view beneath the water of fishes, seabeds, different creatures and coral reefs. This paper discuss about the materials whichshould be used for the construction of underwater buildings, ways of building and specialrequirements, the possibility of such constructions, advantages and disadvantages ofunderwater buildings, the impact of such buildings on environment, effect on the social life and transportation.