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Nashik projects- E&Tc Engineering

E & TC Engineering

Electronic communication engineering is utilization of science and math applied to practical problems in field of communication. It deals with electronic devices, circuits, basic electronics, analog and digital transmission and reception of data. It also deals with integrated circuits, microprocessor, satellite communication, antenna and wave progression, transmission and reception of voice and video. Without knowledge of electronics there’s no scope for other engineering. Many of students Take interest in Electronic and telecommunication Engineering since it is in more demand. E and TC engineers scope is wide as it consist of electrical, electronics and communication related work which are necessary in daily life. For helping out students we have provided several projects related to electronics, circuits, communication based phenomenon and others. The Projects which are provided by us is listed below.

E & TC Projects

We are reaching the age of full automation. And with increased automation comes increased power consumption. There is a constant demand to automate things while minimizing power consumption for the same. So here we propose a load sensing seat with automated light fan control. People usually forget or don’t care to switch off lights, fans after use on public properties. This leads to a huge power wastage. So our proposed system senses when a user is using the seat and only then switches on the lights also allows user to operate the fan as long as user is sitting on the seats. This puts forward a method to provide automated service to train and flight travelers while at the same time avoiding any unnecessary power usage. Our system consists of load sensors that are to be embedded in seats in order to detect if a human is sitting on it. After sensing user the system gives signal to the microcontroller and switches on lights automatically, also system activates fan switch as long as user is seated in the seat. After getting up even if the user forgets to switch off the fans or lights, the system automatically detects this and switches off the lights and fans automatically. Thus it saves a lot of power while providing an automated light fan switching system.

We propose an innovative wireless street lighting system with optimized management and efficiency. Wireless communication uses ZigBee-based wireless devices which allow more efficient street lamp system management, thanks to an advanced interface and control architecture. It uses many sensors to control and guarantee the optimal system parameters; the information is transferred point-by-point using ZigBee transmitters and receivers and is sent to a control terminal used to check the state of the street lamps and to take appropriate measures in case of failure. The system allows substantial energy savings with increased performance and maintainability.

Power transformers are one of the most important components of electric networks. These devices are very expensive and therefore diagnosis and monitoring systems will be valuable for preventing damage to them. A facility for viewing the status of transformers remotely by experts who will make an appropriate decision in case of a problem is needed to prevent premature damage to the transformers. The transformers are geographically spread and with the aid of Internet, it is possible to collect appropriate information from these transformers to a central node for diagnostic purposes under the supervision of high voltage engineering experts. The aim of this paper is to show the main problems related to power transformers and to review mitigation methods for the monitoring and diagnosis of power transformers.
Now days in each industry there are lot of machineries in each company. For each machine there is separate operator & for them there are lot of complications & difficulties for controlling the machine. If in an emergency to OFF the supply of machine which is difficult due to less time to off the supply. In such a case the operator needs a device which will OFF the machine very easily our project “POWER GRID CONTROL “will satisfy above conditions .Our project is to make it easily & in smooth & modern way The main advantages of this system is that it saves energy .And Also reduces losses in equipment. The disadvantage of this project is that it not wireless. The future expansion for this project is that it possible for this project to make it wireless. Same operation is required to stop any component of system. The operator is required to START & to STOP the system. Extra power is required to PC operation. It will control the devices which are connected to the server computer. Battery arrangement is not provided in case of load shading. This system use to avoid human efforts. This system is using at Hospitals, prison, any industrial areas any industrial area where automatic operations are required. It can handle the operation of system which is far away from control Units. Now days, the system which reduce the man work is very much important everywhere in the world. So, in large firms or companies, they have to control the whole their power grid system. By using this type of automation, only one man can able to control the whole power grid from one place only. It is quite easy in installation and use. Through this, the controller sends the ON/OFF command with the help of PC. It is easy to use as the controller not need to go to the particular place for ON/OFF the grid.
There appear frequently natural phenomena such as collapse, landslide along the railway line, which badly threaten the transport safety of the railway. This system adopts the method of auto-monitoring, and the monitoring content is the earth's surface deformation. At the front, through high-accuracy displacement sensor, the deformation signals of the dangerous mountains can be acquired, then data collection is carried out at the regular intervals, using the GPRS wireless communication technology, and the real-time monitoring and pre-alarm for dangerous mountains can be achieved. This method is simple, convenient and penetrating, with lower-cost and higher-accuracy.
The main objective of the project is to develop an energy meter to know the exact billing that each load is going to consumed with wireless technology. For this research work we had taken a energy meter and is connected to an Opto-coupler, which counts the led that glows (depending upon the requirement we can increase the led glowing on/off time pulses), so its gives an interrupt after every time set by us is given to a programmable micro controller of 8051 family, The microcontroller takes the reading from the energy meter via an Opto-isolator and displays the reading on the LCD duly interface to a microcontroller. The reading of the energy meter is also sent to the cell phone of the user by a message through GSM modem being fed from the microcontroller via level shifter IC and RS232 link. The power supply consists of a step down transformer 230/12V, which steps down the voltage to 12V AC. This is converted to DC using a Bridge rectifier and it is then regulated to +5V using a voltage regulator 7805 which is required for the operation of the microcontroller and other components.
In electrical systems there are many kind for devices connected in a panel. These devices are for control and protection of the electrical systems. If any of the fault is generated in the system the devices connected for corresponding protection will close its NO contact so that it can be used further for tripping the system and indication. The Annunciator will get the input from these devices and it will show the corresponding fault by lamp indication and by sending the message. A Hooter is also given to give indication by sound. This system can be used where electrical systems are unmanned or at unmanned stations.

The microcontroller based digital lock is an access control system that allows only Authorized persons to access any restricted division. The major components include a keypad, LCD, and the micro controller AT89xx which belongs to the 89xx series of micro controllers . The system is fully controlled by the 8 bit microcontroller AT89C51 which has a 2Kbytes of ROM for the program memory. The electronic control assembly allows the system to unlock the device with a Password. A four digit predefined password needs to be specified the user. A 4x3 Matrix KEYPAD and a 16x2 LCD have been used here to set the password While unlocking, if the entered password from keypad matches with the stored password, then the lock opens and a message is displayed on LCD. Also an output pin is made high to be used for further purpose. As the program starts, string ‘Enter Password’ is Displayed on LCD. The keypad is scanned for pressed digits one by one. Every time, row and column of the key pressed is detected and the digit is displayed on LCD. If all the four digits match with set password, LCD displays ‘password is correct’ and the lock output pin goes high and the led glows. If the security code is wrong, ‘Wrong Password’ is sent to be displayed on LCD and the buzzer rings which is connected to the microcontroller. It has wide applications in the present world. It is mainly used for door alarms, equipment privacy locks, cell phones, computers and in many lock systems.

Some wise scientist once said that control system is a system where we can shut down the machine whenever we want. That’s the difference between controlled and uncontrolled machine. Our project is about make this control system efficient and dynamic. As the name suggested the automatic control is for controlling the motor from remote place, look over its operating conditions; get feedback from the motor itself. Our target is to control the motor from distant place by mobile DTMF tone and also get feedback by SMS while it is in ON or OFF condition. We also ensure the safe operation of the motor by detecting the voltage of the source and ensure feedback from system while it is over or under voltage. Again we also get these feedbacks by SMS as well. GSM network is everywhere in our country that’s why we choose GSM network to operate our motor also transferring feedback Information through it. We also use GSM network because if we use it then we don’t need to establish extra equipment for networking. To transmit feedback signals we use GSM modem at the motor end also generate control signal by mobile DTMF because it is very easy to generate DTMF by mobile station and send feedback SMS by Modem as well. In industrial sector we hope our project is become handy and cost effective to operate motor and give its protection
With many power quality solutions to choose from it is important to understand the characteristics of power disturbances, their frequency of occurrence and their impact on a facility operation in order to choose the most effective mitigation device. One of the newest, high capacity solutions which address the most frequent type of power disturbance, the voltage sag, is the Static Voltage Regulator (SVR).The SVR is the latest generation of power quality management solutions. Using the sophisticated, maintenance-free capabilities of power electronics and microcontroller based control systems; the SVR maintains the load voltage between 90% and 100% of nominal voltage for most voltage anomalies from the power source. The SVR performs this voltage boost within a quarter to half of a cycle.

The main idea behind this project is to develop a nonintrusive system which can detect fatigue of the driver and issue a timely warning. Since a large number of road accidents occur due to the driver drowsiness. Hence this system will be helpful in preventing many accidents, and consequently save money and reduce personal suffering. This system will monitor the driver’s eyes using camera and by developing an algorithm we can detect symptoms of driver fatigue early enough to avoid accident. So this project will be helpful in detecting driver fatigue in advance and will gave warning output in form of sound and seat belt vibration whose frequency will vary between 100 to 300 Hz. Moreover the warning will be deactivated manually rather than automatically. So for this purpose a deactivation switch will be used to deactivate warning. Moreover if driver felt drowsy there is possibility of sudden acceleration or deceleration hence we can judge this by Plotting a graph in time domain and when all the three input variables shows a possibility of fatigue at one moment then a Warning signal is given in form of text or red color circle. This will directly give an indication of drowsiness/fatigue which can be further used as record of driver performance.

From the past many years we are seeing the notices of the college , companies ,offices is usually displayed on the normal board having number of notices written on the same board .So we were thinking that if all these notices are displayed at the same place one by one except occupying the whole board area. So we come to the conclusion to design a Notice board such that it can fulfill the requirements such as less manual operation, same notice can be displayed at the various places at the same time, the notice (board display) should be visible from maximum area or distance, compact and compatible, easy handling.
Here we have come with the system which will not only help the army. The system can communicate over the long range around 100meter system will help the solder to set the target point once point is send to the slave the machine will work according to that and will fire the bomb at the enemy and allow the solder to stay hide and protected
Touch screen based Appliances Control System is used to control various electrical appliances in our home using a touch screen panel. This project can also be used in industries and colleges. We have provided 5 relays and a buzzer. This project can control AC devices as well DC devices. We have provided 2 DC devices and a buzzer with this project for demo purpose. User has to use a touch screen which acts as control panel for sending commands. These control commands are sent through a wireless RF communication module.
In today’s world we have automation in all areas; there is one field where technology not entered yet. It is the menu display & ordering system & so far there is no initiative to taken to introduce technology in this area.Touch-screen based advanced menu ordering is the method by which anyone will select any items by their choice which are in menu display & that order will be transferred to the cook or manager's personal computer using RF wireless transmission module & that ordered item will be given to that customer. Touch screens as a popular user interface are more and more common. Applications span from public information systems to Customer self-service terminals. Thus, as a Logical step, more and more devices today Feature this kind of user interface, e.g. Bank Automatic teller machines (ATMs), personal Digital assistants (PADs), mobile phones and displays.A touch screen is a display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. Lets one do so without requiring any intermediate device, again, such as a stylus that needs to be held in the hand. Such displays can be attached to computers or, as terminals, to it networks. Therefore it is very suitable for restaurant & time saving. It enables one to interact with what is displayed directly on the screen, where it is displayed, rather than indirectly call the waiter & ordered the menu. These devices also allow multiple users to interact with the touch screen simultaneously. Touch based interfaces have been around for a long time in consumer electronic devices, and even longer in research labs, but it has only been recently that the wider public has taken a keen interest in this mode of human?computer interaction.
Automated have added to the new look of the petrol bunks. A drastic change which has taken the city by storm is the petrol machines that have invoked a new look with automated systems invading this area also. This makes the customers know the exact quantity of petrol that has to be filled in, getting over the perennial problem of forgoing small change which most of the times the attendants at the bunks pocket for themselves. The traditional archaic pumps have now been replaced by more advanced EMP Petrol Pumps for proper filling of fuel. This not only ensures accuracy, but also saves a lot of time for customers and avoids misconceptions and arguments. To demonstrate this as a project we have developed a Micro controller based Petrol bunk automation system.
Depleting ground water table and deteriorating ground water quality are threatening the sustainability of both urban and rural water supply in many parts of India. The supply of cities that depend on surface water is threatened by pollution, increasing water scarcity and conflicts among users. For example, Bangalore depends to a large extent on water pumped since 1974 from the Kaveri river, whose waters are disputed between the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. As in other Indian cities, the response to water scarcity is to transfer more water over large distances at high costs. In the case of Bangalore, the 3384 crore (US$517.8 million) Kaveri Stage IV project, Phase II, includes the supply of 500,000 cubic meter of water per day over a distance of 100 km, thus increasing the city's supply by two thirds. In some coastal areas seawater desalination is becoming an important source of drinking water supply. For example, the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board has put into service a first large seawater desalination plant with a capacity of 100,000 m3 per day at Minjur in 2010. A contract for a second plant with the same capacity at Nemmeli was awarded in the same year. In india many time The timing Of water Distribution is not fix Many time the water Comes at late night that time People Struggle for this natural resources i.e water So to Overcome this problem. We are trying to implement this Project So that Human work will be reduced.
The phrase “Intelligent street lighting” includes a total system with dimmable luminaires, advanced lighting control solutions, communication systems and administrative tools. The solution focuses on low energy consumption and high functional standard. It also, in most contexts, automatically declines the maintenance costs for the operator in combination with increased safety for the street user. In most cases Intelligent street lighting in its practical design is identical to “Adaptive lighting”. Anyway one should distinguish between the two descriptions, remembering that Adaptive lighting only describes the performance of the light on the road, while Intelligent streetlighting also includes the more operational elements, back office software solutions and both energy and labour cost saving potentials. Streets or roads equipped with such a solution will dynamically adapt the street lighting performance according to the actual needs for the given period/time of the road. Typically it will lead to lowered lumen output from the lamp during good conditions, when low traffic volumes or low average speed appears in combination with non-foggy weather. This will also be the case if the surface is covered with snow.
In recent years, there has been a rapid increase in wireless network deployment and mobile device market penetration. With various research that promises higher data rates, future wireless networks will likely become an integral part of the global communication infrastructure. Ultimately, wireless users will demand the same reliable service as today's wire-line network provides. Through our device controller we can represent a safe & secure wireless communication with proper authentication and less loss of data. The circuit of our proposed project has two parts: (i)The hardware part The hardware part comprises of microcontroller AT89C51, DTMF decoder MT8870, voice recording/playback device APR9600 and a few discrete components. Microcontroller AT89C51 is the heart of the circuit. It is a low-power, high performance, 8bit microcontroller with 4 KB of flash programmable and erasable read only memory used as on-chip program memory, 128 bytes of RAM, 32 individually programmable input/output lines, a five vector two-level interrupt architecture, on-chip oscillator and clock circuitry.
Earlier days, people handle equipment careless way. So it may do very loss energy. so reduce this we develop this project. In this project we used microcontroller is the main controller of it. and which will control the loss of energy and saves money. Consider a office location in which temperature sensor is used for detecting Increase in normal temperature. When increase in the temperature then controller will start Fan to maintain the room temp. Normal. When LDR will sense the light it will make all lighting devices OFF and when it sense darkness it will auto start the all light devices ON. Due to this we save lot of energy and money.
We have designed the system which is the purely combination of the hardware and software the system is used to secure the import file or system such as ATM or PC server the system is used to monitor and control the password authentication system will help the person to generate the OTP for authentically so no need to remember the password the system will first first generate the otp and send it to the registered mobile no after that person will able enter the password once the password is correct then person can accesses the system
Our project provides the security in Indian military.Two sections are provided in the circuit. 1. Near the border which is totally which can be operated controlled automated manually A special type of human sensor is ultrasonic used to detects the human being around distance. This sensor uses the concept of ultrasonic Radiation. If anyone tries to cross the border means the sensor detects and it sends a signal to the microcontroller switch on the read led will turn on. And if the person is not within the range it will give the green indication of the system.
Boiler is one of the most important equipment in any power plants which require continuous monitoring and inspection at frequent intervals. There are possibilities of errors at measuring and various stages involved with human workers. So a reliable monitoring system is necessary to avoid catastrophic failure, which is achieved by Programmable Logic Controller & Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system. This paper outlines the design and development of boiler automation system using PLC, SCADA and sensors. PLC and SCADA interfaced via communication cables. The initial phase of the paper focuses on passing the inputs to the boiler at a required temperature, so as to constantly maintain a particular temperature in the boiler. SCADA is used to monitor the boiler temperature, pressure and water level using different sensors and the corresponding output is given to the PLC which controls the boiler temperature, pressure and water level. If the temperature and pressure inside the boiler exceeds the predefined value then the entire system is shut down. In case of emergency different automated check valves are used to release pressure, steam and inform the concerned authority through alarm. Boiler automation ladder diagram is designed using WPL soft and SCADA design is done by Intouch wonderware.
Recently many cases of missing children between ages 14 and 17 years are reported. Parents always worry about the possibility of kidnapping of their children. This paper proposes an Android based solution to aid parents to track their children in real time. Nowadays, most mobile phones are equipped with location services capabilities allowing us to get the device’s geographic position in real time. The proposed solution takes the advantage of the location services provided by mobile phone since most of kids carry mobile phones. The mobile application use the GPS and SMS services found in Android mobile phones. It allows the parent to get their child’s location on a real time map. The system consists of two sides, child side and parent side. A parent’s device main duty is to send a request location SMS to the child’s device to get the location of the child. On the other hand, the child’s device main responsibility is to reply the GPS position to the parent’s device upon request.
Wouldn't it be great if you could control your computer with your hands? In this article, I will show you a small application I created to control the Windows Media Player with my hand motion and an ordinary web-cam. You can see the picture above; this application creates three "hot-spots" in the web-cam view, and you can assume that these hot-spots are virtual buttons, and they get activated when you make a click movement in them. I've programmed each of the hot-spots to control a particular button in Windows Media Player; the one at the top (blue) is for play/pause, and the other two are for next/previous songs.
The Government of India in an effort to ensure fair supply of food items to all citizens of India instituted under Public Distribution System (PDS). Essential commodities such as Rice, Wheat, Sugar, Kerosene, etc., are supplied to the targeted underprivileged sections as per the eligibility and at fixed by the Government of India. In spite of the best efforts by Government officials at various levels, there are a few bottle-necks and inconveniences to the targeted citizens in availing the services provided. The aim of this project is to organize and summarize existing theoretical and empirical work on corruption with a view identifying opportunities for further research. Computerization can help in modernizing. This project discusses strategy adapted in using ICT to control diversion and leakage in the delivery mechanism and its successful application in computerization of food grain supply chain. The objective of the project is to enhance the visibility, accessibility, and efficiency of the system by properly designing a software-system,
In electrical systems there are many kind for devices connected in a panel. These devices are for control and protection of the electrical systems. If any of the fault is generated in the system the devices connected for corresponding protection will close its NO contact so that it can be used further for tripping the system and indication. The Annunciator will get the input from these devices and it will show the corresponding fault by a buzzer is also given to give indication by sound. This system can be used where electrical systems are unmanned or at unmanned stations
Nowadays, most people know about recycling and engage with it to some degree, but many of us still either throw away or store old and unused electronics, simply because we don’t know what to do with them. But, there is an alternative: Feeding the unwanted electronics to ecoATM. Not dissimilar to a regular ATM, the ecoATM with eject cash in return for your unwanted device(s). It’s a great way to recycle your e-waste and earn money in the process! Death to all electronic waste (e-waste)! Only in a world where everyone worked together to combat e-waste would this be possible. With limited knowledge of how to rid ourselves properly of worn out electronics the wish to kill e-waste is even more elusive as a staggering amount is still produced every single day.
Parameter monitoring and control of greenhouse environment play an important role in greenhouse production and management. This project involve a design and implementation of an XBee based Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) that is used to monitor and control the essential greenhouse parameters, such as, temperature, humidity and light. This implementation supports the farmers to increase the crop production. The standalone XBee module, i.e., without microcontroller, is integrated with specific small size sensors. All monitored parameters are transmitted through a wireless link to computer via coordinator to be analysed, and then initiate suitable commands to the specific devices to overcome the drifts in an environmental parameters inside greenhouse.
Information and communication technologies are transforming our social interactions, lifestyles, and workplaces. One of the most promising applications of information technology is healthcare and wellness management. Healthcare is moving from an approach based on the reactive responses to acute conditions to a proactive approach characterized by early detection, prevention, and long-term management of health conditions. The current trend places an emphasis on the monitoring of health conditions and the management of wellness as significant contributors to individual healthcare and wellbeing. This is particularly important in developed countries with a significant aging population, where information technology can significantly improve the management of chronic conditions and thereby improve quality of life. In particular, the continuous or even occasional recording of biomedical signals is critical for the advancement of diagnosis by using wearable sensors Our aim behind making this system is to sense the Heartbeat and body temp anywhere without any help of doctors.
A remote online carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration Monitoring system is developed, based on the technologies of wireless sensor networks, in allusion to the gas leakage monitoring requirement for CO2 capture and storage. The remote online CO2 monitoring system consists of monitoring equipment. The monitoring equipment is composed of a Micro Controller unit (MCU), air environment sensors , global positioning system (GPS) receiver module, , liquid crystal display (LCD) module, and general packet radio service (GPRS) wireless transmission module. The sensor of CO2, temperature, humidity, and light intensity are used to collect data and the GPS receiver module is adopted to collect location and time information. The MCU automatically displays them on the LCD display module in real-time. Afterwards, the GPRS module continuously wirelessly transmits the collected information to the PC. This project uses regulated 5V, 750mA power supply. 7805 three terminal voltage regulator is used for voltage regulation. Bridge type full wave rectifier is used to rectify the ac output of secondary of 230/9V step down transformer.
From the past many years we are seeing the the paper licking in companies ,offices is usually case due to that company or school collages suffer by many problem .So we were thinking that if all these paper get protected for that we have implement this project So we come to the conclusion to design a System such that it can fulfill the requirements such as less manual operation, but protection will be 100% so we have design this
People like doing outdoor activities such as picnic, fishing and for medical purpose which is to deliver medicine to village. They need a Portable Refrigerator to keep cooling their food or medicine. Also they require some important function such as mobile charging, LED light etc. Objective of the system Focused on designing and fabricates a Portable Refrigerator which is powered by battery which can be can be useful application in outdoor activities such as, • Picnics • Sports • Vehicles
Individual plant care cropping systems, embodied in precision farming, may lead to new Opportunities in agricultural crop management. The objective of the project was to provide high accuracy seed position. The results showed that the overall accuracy of the estimated plant positions is acceptable for the guidance of vehicles and implements. For subsequent individual plant care, the deviations were not, in all cases, small enough to ensure accurate individual plant targeting.
Robotic vehicle controlled by the hand movement mainly benefits the disabled person, as those person with the hand gesture moves to the direction they want to go without pressing any buttons. This system includes a glove which has a receiver circuit which will be mounted on the top with Atmega microcontroller interfaced to the accelerometer and it is supposed to be worn by the user while using this machine. The circuit on the vehicle includes FR receiver, ARDUINO microcontroller and Driver IC to operate the motors. The commands that are received by the IC on the circuit are sent to the RF transmitter which forwards the command to the RF receiver. The command from RF receiver then gets trasmitted to the ARDUINO microcontroller which decodes the command and makes the vehicle move in the direction specified by the user.
Most educational institutions administrators are concerned about student irregular attendance. Truancies can affect student overall academic performance. The conventional method of taking attendance by calling names or signing on paper is very time consuming and insecure, hence inefficient. Figure print based attendance system is one of the solutions to address this problem. This system can be used to take attendance for student in school, college, and university. It also can be used to take attendance for workers in working places. Its ability to uniquely identify each person based on their FINGURE make the process of taking the attendance easier, faster and secure as compared to conventional method. Students or workers only need to place their fingure on the reader and their attendance will be taken immediately. With real time clock capability of the system, attendance taken will be more accurate since the time for the attendance taken will be recorded. The system can be connected to the computer through RS232 or Universal Serial Bus (USB) port and store the attendance taken inside database. An alternative way of viewing the recorded attendance is by using HyperTerminal software. A prototype of the system has been successfully fabricated.
This project proposes an effective algorithm for detecting and classifying defects which are presents in industrial pipe. Presence of holes and cracks in pipe are an important indicator in manufacturing process to avoid environmental destruction and high cost. Because of the small diameter of pipes, human cannot examine these pipes directly. Therefore to overcome these problems an algorithm has been introduced to detect the defects in industrial pipes. The proposed algorithm can identify defects from background and the types of defects present in pipe can be distinguished in the estimation stage. This project also focuses on monitoring various parameters like temperature, water level, and light intensity. Our system is designed with different sensors. The design includes interfacing of various sensors with PIC controller and LCD display. The gathered information will displays on LCD. Thus our system is designed for multiple input and output arrangements for industrial applications.
The fast development from claiming engineering Has made our lives easier. The coming innovations also expanded Those traffic dangers and the street mishaps occur habitually Which makes enormous reduction from huge lives due to poor Emergency services and facilities. Proposed work will give Acceptable ultimate answer for this weakness of existed systems. As stated by this undertaking when a vehicle meets for a mishap Or accident, instantly a Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) vibration sensor will identify the signal and sends it will To ARM controller. ARM controller will direct to Global Positioning System (GPS) to find the area and coordinates from Claiming accident location. Furthermore by utilizing Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), microcontroller sends The caution message including geographic allotment coordinates Of rescue vehicle to nearby ambulance, hospital, police, and Relative of the victim person. In this way the salvage cooperation ambulance in the rescue team of hospital will track accident area Promptly by using geological area coordinates on Google earth Provision or alternately whatever viable geographic area Discoverer requisition. After adjusting the area accident spot the Rescue vehicle unit will begins its salvage operation. This Framework also controls the traffic signals in the way about Rescue vehicle so that it will enable rescue vehicle to arrive at Clinic in least period.
Nurses all around the world have risen to the challenge of new technology. Today, the nurses work in a variety of E-Health programs such as tele-triage. They access the person helath details. Nurse can also control the devices in the Hospital such as light fan. Nurses are also involved in standards development for the implementation of electronic health records and many nursing educational programs are now offered online. But this system is person depended so we have come with the system which will help the user to take medicine control hospital light automatically using the RTC(real time clock) the system will help the hospital and patient to monitor their medicine time and also will help the hospital to switch the devices automatically with the specified time by the user this system will also make the voice announcement for the user to understand which medicine should they take

Though an entire industry has spurred around the lack of availability of safe drinking water in public places, the truth is that only a small percentage of the country’s population can afford the luxury of packaged water. A need that has been neglected by the government has given way to innovative initiatives to provide the populace clean and fresh drinking water. One among them is a New Delhi-based start-up JanaJal, which literally means ‘water for people’. The start-up has pioneered the concept of hybrid water dispensers, christened Water ATMs. . The start up is also considering introducing pre-paid cards so that there is no hassle of managing cash. “The initiative was started about eight years ago, while I was working on water treatment technologies. The idea of providing safe drinking water at an affordable cost struck me. Thereafter, we worked to develop these hybrid water ATMs,” says Agarwal. Typically, one water ATM requires an investment of about ?10 lakh which includes cost of equipment, taxes and installation costs. “Till date 25 have been set up and we now have an order book of over 1500 ATMs across several States including Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharastra and Gujarat. “If we execute these 1500 water ATMs the funding requirement is about Rs. 150 crore. We are looking at various sources, including the Prime Minister's Mudra Yojana to meet our funding requirements,” says the CMD. It has also bagged the mandate to install 100 ATMs on the river banks of the Ganga.“Our water ATMs are now functional in Pune, Nellore, Delhi, Varanasi, Siliguri and Chennai and more than 35 million litres of safe drinking water has been delivered thus far,” he concludes.