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IT Projects

IT Projects

IT engineering is a discipline that integrates several fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop IT hardware and software. IT engineers usually have training in electronic engineering develop IT hardware and software. IT engineers usually have training in electronic engineering (or electrical engineering), software design, and hardware-software integration instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering. IT engineers are involved in many hardware and software aspects of computing, from the design of individual micro controllers, microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers, to circuit design. Computer software engineers develop, design, and test software. Some software engineers design, construct, and maintain computer programs for companies. Some set up networks such as intranets for companies.Computer software engineers can also work in application design. This involves designing or coding new programs and applications to meet the needs of a business or individual. Computer software engineers can also work as freelancers and sell their software products/applications to an enterprise/individual.

IT Projects

1. Timer-based Bloom Filter Aggregation for Reducing Signaling Overhead in Distributed Mobility Management
2. Time-and-Energy-Aware Computation Offloading in Handheld Devices to Coprocessors and Clouds
3. Backward path growth for efficient mobile sequential recommendation
4. MARS: Mobile Application Relaunching Speed-up through Flash-Aware Page Swapping
5. Smartphones based Crowdsourcing for Indoor Localization
6. Pupil Dynamics for Iris Liveness Detection
7. Smart phone instant messenger by using google cloud messaging
8. Smartphone-Based Wound Assessment System for Patients With Diabetes
9. Geo-Fencing: Geographical-Fencing based Energy-Aware Proactive Framework for Mobile Devices
10. Superpixel-Based Hand Gesture Recognition With Kinect Depth Camera
12. Bus pass Management System
13. Bus Reservation System in android app
14. Chatting Application Using Google Cloud Messaging
15. Cleanliness and Orderliness of the Campus
16. Drowsy Driver Detection using Representation Learning
17. Government Forms Portal
18. GPS Based Call Taxi Services Using Google Map
19. Location based automatic reminder using geo-fence
20. My Privacy My Decision: Control of Photo Sharing on Online Social Networks
21. Ragging Complaint System Using Android
22. Secure Binary Image Steganography Based on Minimizing the Distortion on the Texture
24. Smartphone Based Student Result Processing System with Voice Narration
26. Marriage hub using android application
28. Digital Ordering System for Restaurant
29. Auto emergency alert using android
30. Diseaster Alert system using android
31. Farm corp management system using android
32. Associate Cable tv operators using android
33. Real-Time Carpooling System for Android Platform
34. Cloud based secure passport Checking system using android
35. Optimization Tour Package In SMARTPHONE Application
37. A Real-time Multi-User Face Unlock System via Fast Sparse Coding Approximation
38. Friendbook: A Semantic-based Friend Recommendation System for Social Networks
41. Hybrid clinical decision support system: An automated diagnostic system for rural Bangladesh
42. Secure Cloud Storage Using Android
43. Sensing as a Service: Challenges, Solutions and Future Directions
45. Stegnography techniques to mitigate using Smar phone Application
46. Student Attentance System Using Google Maps Geofencing
47. iPath: Path Inference in Wireless Sensor Networks
48. Smart phone based authentication using iris
49. A Dynamic Image Matching Model and Architecture for Smart Devices
50. A model for remote access and Protection of smartphones using Short message service
51. A Tracking System With High Accuracy Using Location Prediction And Dynamic
52. An Embedded Real-Time Finger-Vein Recognition System for Mobile Devices
53. An Embedded Real-Time Finger-Vein Recognition System for Mobile Devices
54. Backward Path Growth for Efficient Mobile Sequential Recommendation
56. Cloud based secure passport Checking system using android
57. Design and implementation of efficient integrity protection for open mobile platforms
58. E-Crime file management application for android
60. GPS/HPS-and Wi-Fi Fingerprint-Based Location Recognition for Check-In Applications Over Smartphones in Cloud-Based LBSs
61. Hospital information management
62. Kalman filtered GPS accelerometer-based accident detection and location system: a low-cost approach
63. Library management using android
64. Mobile radiation finder using android
65. Offline QR Code Authorization Based on Visual Cryptography
66. Optimization Tour Package In SMARTPHONE Application
68. Permission-Based Android Malware Detection
69. Applications Power Management:Current and Feature trends
70. Preserving Location Privacy in Geosocial Applications
71. Protocol functions description using android
72. Quey based aggreculture details
73. Real-time Bus Time Availability Checking In Smartphones
74. Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images by Reserving Room Before Encryption
75. Rural health care system using android
76. Safe city for using gps and camera
77. Secure Solution for Mobile Access to Patient’s Healthcare Records
78. Sensing as a Service: Challenges, Solutions and Future Directions
79. Secure Cloud Storage Using Android
80. Safe Driving Using Mobile Phones
81. Applications SMS Spam detection using non content features
82. Technical Data Management Systems On Large Building Construction Projects
83. Train reservation for android mobile
84. Timer-based Bloom Filter Aggregation for Reducing Signaling Overhead in Distributed Mobility Management
85. Time-and-Energy-Aware Computation Of?oading in Handheld Devices to Coprocessors and Clouds
86. Text Detection and Recognition in Imagery: A Survey
87. Automobile Spare Shop
88. SuperMarket Control System
89. My Memoir (Android App)
90. Travel Guide(Android App)
91. Vehicle Service Remainder
93. Enthusiastic Tale Reader
94. Pay EB bill (Android app)
95. Civil Registry (Android App)
96. Identifying Leaf Disease with the Comparison of Local Server in Android
97. QR Code Authentication based Goods Delivery System
98. Pattern Lock Intrusion Detection Scheme in Android
100. Online Examination(Voice Control)
102. IOT Based Soldier Navigation and Health Monitoring System
103. REDD Platform a smart grievance redressal system
104. Spot the tribal youth talent in the Sport
105. Vegetable Wastage Selling Product
107. Product Billing System in Android
108. Government Canteen Confirmation System
109. SMART VOTING Using Android
110. Campus Recruitment System in Android
111. E-Tool for Online Purchase
112. Tourist place of Bradford City in Android
113. Local Tour planning in Android
114. Text to Speech (Android App)
115. Android malware detection and prevention based on permissions and api calls
116. Deployment of IoT based smart security and monitoring device for Agriculture
117. Crime management Sytem
118. Mobile Distributed system for personal security
119. Scheduling application for android
120. A Classroom Scheduling Service for Smart Classes
121. Cloud-Based E-Health Systems: Security and Privacy Challenges and Solutions
122. Online System for skill training & employment including management of details of skilled people with disabilities

Here we propose a smart fingerprint based biometric e-voting system that works over IOT. Our readings had to do primarily with the reliability and security considerations of internet voting. It would be fair to say that the crux of our reading dealt with the possibility of an attack on the voting system if e-voting were implemented. The first thing our reading pointed out is that it’s essentially impossible to determine the likelihood of an attack on any implemented e-voting system; one cannot objectively determine whether or not some hacker will make the attempt to hack an e-voting system.

The Library Management System is gaining  more importance as the number of its users are increasing rapidly. As the number is rising there is a need of effective management of library, one such effective system is our Library Management System its designed using VS C++ as front end and SQL 2005 as backend. 

The transactions like login, register, add , search, delete, issue are provided. The Library Management System stores the details like name, address, ID number , Date Of Birth of members working in the library and users who come to library. The details of books like book name, book number, subject to which it belongs , author, edition, year of publication , the total  number of books that are present in the library etc are also stored. 

Kids Pre-Learning school software is developed for kids education.The basic objective of this software is to make the kids aware of the basic knowledge of the education through this software .All the needful things needed for the education of the kids are been included in this software.using this software.using software the teachers as well as parents will be able to teach  the kids.It will also be very helpful and intresting,for the kids as well as it will be joy for kids to learn through this software.

According to the reports of WHO, NCRB-social-government organization 35%Women all over the world are facing a lot of unethical physical harassment in public places such as railway-bus stands, foot paths etc. In this paper the authors have reviewed of various existing systems on women security. The authors have felt a need of advanced women security system to provides the safety measure in public places as well as travelling alone through public transports (school buses, company vehicle etc). This paper proposed a new model for the women security in public places which aims to provide the 100% safe environment.


In this project, we propose to add more security to the current ATM Systems. By using Biomartric Authentication and GSM technology, we can overcome many of the flaws introduced our current ATM system such as shoulder surfing, use of skimming device, etc. In our propsed system, Bankers will collect the customer's as well as respective nominee's fingerprint and mobile number at the  time of  opening  the account. The primary step is to verify currently provided fingerprint with the fingerprint which is registered in the Bank's db at the time of account opening. If the two fingerprints get matched,then  a message will be delivered immediately to the user's mobile number which is the random 10 digit pin number called as One OTP. This OTP can be used only once, thus this avoids various problems associated with the present system. For every transaction, new OTP will be sent to accountHer's mobile number, thus there will not be fixed PIN numbers for every transaction. Thus, PIN number will vary durning each transaction assuring security.

  In Software, Software Maintenance is the process of enhancing and optimizing developed software (software release), as well as remedying defects. Software maintenance is one of the phases in the software development process, and follows development of software into the field. The software maintenance phase involves changes to the software in order to correct defects and deficiencies found during field usage as well as the addition of new functionality to improve softwares usability and applicability.

        When looking for solid accounting software, you want to find a solution that gives you the best value for your investment. Naturally, you first the software that meets your needs, both now and in the future. Engineering is based on designing different projects. Nowadays, most products and system are becoming more complex in nature, and there is an increasing demand relative to new technology application at a time when our natural resources are dwindling now thats where engineering and engineers are not only useful for the technologies and machineries in the business world, but it is also constructive in different components of business such as management, financing, employment, and marketing.

With the development of society, different kinds of examination appear constantly. The way of traditional examination has been unable to meet the needs of the developing education informationization. The role was divided into function modules by analyzing users' requirement. An online examination system based on Web was designed, which adopted B/S mode, used the IDEA as the coding tool, combined with the MySQL database and related technology. It realized the user login, security authentication, question bank management, test paper management, online examination, announcement, sourcing, check results etc.

Most of the contemporary Information systems are based on the Database technology as a collection of logically related data, and DBMS as a software system allowing the users to define, create, maintain and control access to the database.

The process of constructing such kind of systems is not so simple. It involves a mutual development of application program and database. The application program is actually the bridge between the users and the database, where the data is stored. Thus, the well-developed application program and database are very important for the reliability, flexibility and functionality of the system.

The so defined systems differentiate to each other and their development comprises a great variety of tasks to be resolved and implemented.

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a web application that can be used to keep track of the patients registering in a hospital. Also, this system should support features such as accessing the previous visit histories of any patient, search for patients by name and other attributes, etc.

Some of the most general requirements of the system are:

• Registration of patients
• Users are either normal users or admin; they need to login before using the system
• Users of this system can search for patients by name, admission date and discharge
• Users can view the previous visit histories of any patient
• System can maintain the list of doctors in the hospital
• System can maintain the list of beds/rooms available in the hospital
• Patients can be categorized into “In Patients” and “Out Patients”

An organized and systematic office solution is essential for all universities and organizations. There are many departments of administration for the maintenance of college information and student databases in any institution. All these departments provide various records regarding students. Most of these track records need to maintain information about the students. This information could be the general details like student name, address, performance, attendance etc or specific information related to departments like collection of data. All the modules in college administration are interdependent. They are maintained manually. So they need to be automated and centralized as, Information from one module will be needed by other modules. For example when a student needs his course completion certificate it needs to check many details about the student like his name, reg number, year of study, exams he attended and many other details. So it needs to contact all the modules that are office, department and examination and result of students. With that in mind, we overhauled the existing Student Database Management System and made necessary improvement to streamline the processes. Administrators using the system will find that the process of recording and retrieving students information and managing their classes, including marking of attendance, is now a breeze. In general, this project aims to enhance efficiency and at the same time maintain information accurateness. Later in this report, features and improvement that allow achievement to this goal will be demonstrated and highlighted. Our work is useful for easy user interface. We are planning to uttilize the powerful database management, data retrieval and data manipulation. We will provides more ease for managing the data than manually maintaining in the documents. Our work is useful for saving valuable time and reduces the huge paper work.

The main objective of online food ordering system is to automate the existing manual system with the help of advance computerized software so, that valuable data can be stored for longer period with easy accessing and manipulation of the same.
The registered user can access the account with valid credentials. User can surf the food items according to categories, Cart and online payment options are available to user. User can track their orders with the food details.  
In Online Food Ordering System Admin can handle the functionalities like add new food items, edit/delete food items, Enable/Disable the food items according to season and availability. Admin have authority to view order details and update the delivery status of food. The payment transaction and user details are also viewable to admin.


This is an online blood bank management system that helps in managing various blood bank operations effectively. The project consists of a central depository containing various blood deposits available along with associated details. These details include blood type, storage area and date of storage. Maintenance and the monitoring of blood deposits become easy with the help of this system. The project is an online system that provides an option to check the availability of the required blood group within the blood bank. Moreover, the system also has added features such as patient name and contacts, blood booking and requirement of blood group is posted on the website to find available donors for a blood emergency. This online system is developed on .net platform and supported by an Sql database to store blood and user specific details.


The project is designed to maintain software piracy protection and assures that, only the authenticated users are accessing it. Piracy has become a major threat to software product companies on the internet. Hackers or an intruder can gain access to the system to steal the information with the help of malicious codes and programs. Hence there arises a need to protect the information and products from being plagiarized. This project is developed with the purpose to protect the software’s ownership of copyright and make all the transactions secure and threat free.

Web-based services offer users convenient access to and the ability to manipulate information
that is of concern to such services. Due to the high requirements in functionality and
performance, these systems are often very large in terms of the size of the underlying software.
The use of Component-Based Design (CBD) for web-based software comes into play for this
very reason. Not only does Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE) address the
manageability issue of web based software, but it also ensures greater consistency and high reusability
of web-based components. These advantages in turn lead to better productivity and
hence better quality of the overall design of the system. In order to exemplify the effectiveness of
CBD, the design and implementation of a component-based online course registration system is
proposed for this project. The application will allow students, department members, faculty
members and the registry members to view and make changes to course registration related
issues for a specific semester. The system will be developed using a Service-Oriented
Architecture (SOA), which involves grouping components into web services.

Bank management system can be consider as a most important thing in economic world.in the present
scenario the banking sector is the common need in everyday life.in day to day life we face the problems and then we realize something is not done in this sector like we want to change the location (branch) of our account then we need to fill the application and then some day waiting to complete bank process. In this process amount of time is more as well as here occur manual work which is increases man power. Also in current scenario aadhar card linking is must with bank account and it is possible through the ATM but if in urgent we want to link aadhar it may be not possible there is no ATM are available in that case we provide this facility through the our project i.e. Bank management system.

This system also prominently relieves the burden on the canteen’s end, as the entire method of taking orders is computerized. Once an order is placed on the android phone, it is entered into the database and then retrieved, in pretty much real-time, by a desktop application on the hotels’s end. Within this application, all items in the order are displayed, along with their equivalent options and supply details, in a summarizing and easy to read manner. This allows hotel staffs to speedily go through the orders placed by scanning the QR code from student’s android phone and produce the needed items with minimal delay and confusion.


The project is designed to provide an effective solution of maintaining bus pass information using a barcode. The system has two logins one for user and other for admin. User can refill their account and extend the validity every time the pass expires. Admin can view all users’ details and balance through its login. Every user pass will be having a barcode that contains user information and validity of pass. Thus while travelling users just have to get their pass scanned using a scanner and conductor can view the pass validity.

Most colleges have a number of different courses and each course has a number of subjects. Now there are limited faculties, each faculty teaching more than one subjects. So now the time table needed to schedule the faculty at provided time slots in such a way that their timings do not overlap and the time table schedule makes best use of all faculty subject demands. We use a genetic algorithm for this purpose. In our Timetable Generation algorithm we propose to utilize a timetable object. This object comprises of Classroom objects and the timetable for every them likewise a fitness score for the timetable. Fitness score relates to the quantity of crashes the timetable has regarding alternate calendars for different classes. Classroom object comprises of week objects. Week objects comprise of Days, Days comprises of Timeslots. Timeslot has an address in which a subject, student gathering going to the address and educator showing the subject is related 


The purpose of developing this android application is to create a schedule for the traveler travelling to city and wanted to explore the city by specifying the time in hours. System then smartly analyzes the questionnaire and creates a schedule for traveler based on provided time. The development is done in two technical languages as Java for Android Application for User/Traveler and Asp .net for Web portal which is used by Admin. First of all, traveler need to register himself by filling up the details using android application. After successful registration, user can login now using login credentials which then proceeds with questionnaire where application ask user about their likings and habits. Based on questionnaire, application smartly analyzes for the place based on user specified time. The application is capable enough to search the place automatically based on FourSquare API. This application also helps you to find the places nearby you or around the world. After searching a place, the map will show the details such as name, area, location, phone no. & kilometers from the current location of the user.

The main objective of online food ordering system is to automate the existing manual system with the help of advance computerized software so, that valuable data can be stored for longer period with easy accessing and manipulation of the same.
The registered user can access the account with valid credentials. User can surf the food items according to categories, Cart and online payment options are available to user. User can track their orders with the food details.
In Online Food Ordering System Admin can handle the functionalities like add new food items, edit/delete food items, Enable/Disable the food items according to season and availability. Admin have authority to view order details and update the delivery status of food. The payment transaction and user details are also viewable to admin.