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Raspberry pi 3 Projects

Raspberry pi 3 Projects

we have the largest variety of raspberry pi based projects ideas and topics for your study and research. Raspberry pi projects are a fast and enhanced way of learning embedded electronics as well as software development. Also known as ras pi or rpi, we provide a wide range of innovative rpi projects ideas and kits. This page lists the most innovative raspberry pi projects ideas and topics that are yet to be implemented. Get the latest ideas with documentation data on raspberry pi projects needed for your theoretical knowledge on making the system as well as practical implementation diagrams. We constantly research on latest ideas and theories that can be developed as raspberry pi projects. So browse through our list of innovative raspberry pi projects kits and find your raspberry idea today.

Raspberry pi 3 Projects

Drunk driving is the reason behind most of the deaths, so the Drunk Driving Detection With Car Ignition Locking Using Raspberry Pi aims to change that with automated, transparent, noninvasive alcohol safety check in vehicles. The system uses raspberry pi with alcohol sensors ,dc motor, lcd display circuit to achieve this purpose. System uses alcohol sensor with, raspberry pi with dc motor to demonstrate as vehicle engine. System constantly monitors the sensitivity of alcohol sensor for drunk driver detection. If driver is drunk, the processor instantly stops the system ignition by stopping the motor. If alcohol sensor is not giving high alcohol intensity signals, system lets engine run. The raspberry pi processor constantly processes the alcohol sensor data to check drunk driving and operates a lock on the vehicle engine accordingly.
With the increasing buying power of common man today the number of vehicles on the road is creating heavy traffic that is difficult to control and maintain safety. This problem is much serious and unsafe for pedestrian, especially in large cities like „Pune?, ?Bengaluru and „Mumbai?. Growth of traffic here is nonlinear as compared to the development of infrastructure like roads, intersections and bridges. It is difficult for most of the time and sometimes impossible to modify or broaden them in existing cities. New construction takes its own time with all constraint. To smoothen flow of traffic at intersection, options available with traffic control department are to impose one way use traditional traffic monitoring and controlling in addition to existing automatic signaling system. Traditional system is effective but is limited by the time human can work. Human intervention is there to take clever, critical decision and handle emergencies. Traffic policemen decide time for traffic signal control depending on the density at particular lanes. Existing automatic system uses preset signal timings to control traffic at intersection. Time to be Preset time is again decided by the traffic officer depending upon his/her survey about traffic condition for a particular intersection. Most of the time, these methods are ineffective, because of sudden fluctuation in flow of traffic apart from peak hours. The cyclic signaling method with existing preset timing in automated system will be inappropriate in situation of waiting, even if few or no vehicles available on the other road. Fixed timing will not be inappropriate in case large number of vehicles waiting to cross the junction. Inconvenience will be caused by unnecessary waiting; people will lose time, miss opportunities and get frustrated. Traffic congestion problems create a deep impact on companies? production and transportation of goods. Need is for automatic adjustment of the signal timing with changing traffic conditions, in similar fashion as to what the officer does in traditional system. System must be capable to handle emergencies.

 Traffic congestion is a severe issue across the world and it has become a nightmare for the commuters in most of the urban settlements. To make traffic light controllers more intelligent, the emergence of novel technologies such as communication networks and image processing is being exploited. Regulation of the traffic demand at each intersection in the network is the key feature involved in this method. The goal is to avoid traffic conflicts and shorten the length of the queue at a stop line. The system will measure the traffic density at different signals and accordingly change the time delays for traffic lights. The side at which the traffic is high, the signal will remain green for more time. The proposed system controls the traffic light by image processing using raspberry pi module. A camera has to be installed alongside the traffic light. It captures image sequences. The image sequence is then analyzed using digital image processing for vehicle detection, and according to traffic conditions on the road, traffic light is controlled.

here we designed the system which will automatically turn on the light and fan present in front of the statues the system will automatically turn of light when person is not present 

With the fast global climate change, many bridge structures are facing the nature disasters such as earthquakes and floods. The damage of bridges can cause the severe cost of human life and property. The heavy rain that comes causes the bridge scour and makes the damage or collapse for bridges. Since scour is one of the major causes for bridge failure, how to monitor the bridge scour becomes an important task. This project presents a real-time bridge scour monitoring system based on vibration sensors. And it will turn on the red led and buzzer will be on The experimental results show our sensor system can detect the bridge scour effectively with our proposed scour detection algorithm in real time.
Here we propose IOT based theft detection project using Raspberry Pi where we use image processing on live video to detect theft using motion and also highlight the area where motion occurred. This system secures offices/homes from theft by instantly detecting theft as well as allowing user to view the theft details thereby highlighting the theft details and saving the video in a usb drive. In this system we use a camera along with raspberry pi along with a circuit with LCD display IR for night vision and USB drive for storage. The system is powered y a 12V power supply. As soon as camera motion is detected in camera footage the system uses image processing to detect exact area of motion occurrence and highlights it accordingly. The system now transmits the images of the occurance over IOT to be viewed by user online. We here use IOT Gecko to develop the online system. Also it stores the footage in a USB drive for further reference. The user can now decode the data sent online using IOT Gecko IOT system to view the images of the motion occurance live remotely over internet. Thus the system provides an innovative approach to theft detection using IOT.
Here we propose a fully automated selfie booth system that does not need any manual button click to take and save selfies. Our system consists of raspberry pi based system with a camera as well as speaker and led’s interfaced through a PCB board to deliver this functionality. This is an innovative system that does not need users to click selfies, it automatically starts taking selfies and saves it in their pen drive using face recognition technique. We here use raspberry pi for fast processing in order to detect if any human faces are detected near the selfie booth, it then instructs the camera to start taking selfies at 2 seconds intervals until user is still standing in front of it. It allows user to attach a pen drive before starting image capture and saves all selfies in it. It is a very entertaining system for parties, events and other occasions to capture automatic selfies of visitors, guests and keep gathering memories of the event. We also use speaker sound effects along with led’s to indicate images capture and successful saving

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