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Sponsorship Projects

Sponsorship Projects

We have the number of company which involves the student in their company works for making student familiar to the company environment. Our team continuously contacts with such a company and provide the students a sponsored projects to understand company demands.

Sponsorship Projects

A selfi attendance is the system which will help the user or student to register or give attendance using their own mobile camera in that system we can perform Manual registration in biometric systems and entering in the attendance catalog in different physical locations is the current system used in all the colleges. The long queues in front of the attendance machine at the time to come to work and leave work. In this study, we proposed a system in which staff can give their attendance through android phones by connecting to college Wi-Fi. We can trace staff location by GPS which will be stored at portal.

The Transformer testing jig required for to automatic test of transformer .In manually method lot of time required to test of transformer & risk also. For Industrial safety purpose .We will develop transformer testing jig .In this system we will test Temp, Voltage & current of transformer. We will also check winding resistance of transformer. These all test required for test certificate. Test certificate Is very important for customer point of view . Using test certificate we can trace the warranty of product.
Using this system we can store Test Result on PC & with help on software we can take printout . This Test certificate very useful for in future to trace the warranty of Product as well as Sr.No of Product.
The goal of this project is to design and construct a PCB Cutting machine. The recent advancements in digital technology especially embedded systems have now enabled us to make low-cost machines for Real time applications. This project presents a simple way of designing and implementing an automatic PCb cutting machine. This machine takes the pcb from the one side and will cut the machine into the two separate pieces in required sizes and shape so that human work will be reduced and accuracy will be improve of cutting the pcb. The system will also reduce the chances to getting hurt by the blades using the fabrication and covering

This project is designed to develop a scrolling message display for notice board. It can also be used to display latest information anywhere such as colleges, shops, railway stations and other places. . This system can also be implemented for the person who is physically challenged and cannot able to communicate with people so we have designed system for them. Traditionally notice board is all about sticking information, but sticking various notices day-to-day is a difficult process. A person is required separately to take care of this notice board. This system displays on notice boards. This system can be implemented in many important places where latest information can be displayed. For example if implemented in colleges all information for students can be displayed. It is very convenient for students and college management to display any information. This system can also be implemented for the person who is physically challenged

Some wise scientist once said that control system is a system where we can shut down the
machine whenever we want. That’s the difference between controlled and uncontrolled machine. Our
project is about make this control system efficient and dynamic. As the name suggest control is for
controlling the motor from remote place, look over its operating conditions, and get feedback from the
motor itself. Our target is to control the motor from distant place by mobile DTMF tone and also get
feedback by SMS while it is in ON or OFF condition. It will also detect the fault if any like dry run,
under voltage, SPP, over voltage, etc. We are also operating the motor using Android Application. We
also ensure the safe operation of the motor by detecting the voltage of the source and ensure feedback
from system while it is over or under voltage. GSM network is everywhere in our country that’s why we
choose GSM network to operate our motor also transferring feedback information through it. We also
use GSM network because if we use it then we don’t need to establish extra equipment for networking.

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